Having fun making lipstick…

Ever wondered how lipstick was made?? Here’s how I made some gorgeous red lipstick.

I used quite a bit of castor oil (great for shine), beeswax, a natural liquid lanolin substitute, cetyl alcohol, vegetable oil, carnauba wax, vitamin E and preservative.  These ingredients are all in the main container and here we are pouring the lovely red pigments into it.

lipstick 2

Homogenising with the Silverson

lipstick 3

Pouring the mixture into the metal lipstick mould.

lipstick 4

Steady hand needed for this!

lipstick 5

Allowing to cool for 15 minutes

lipstick 6

Unscrewing the mould

lipstick 7

Close-up !

lipstick 8

Afterwards I flamed it in the bunsen burner on low heat to give a nice glossy finish.

I’m really loving this colour.