Natural Solubilizers: A Review

In this article we examine solubilizers, how to use them and review the performance of a selection of “natural” solubilizers. We are frequently asked how solubilizers differ from emulsifiers.  Solubilizers and high HLB emulsifiers are both surfactants which help disperse oils in water.  Solubilizers are more water soluble than emulsifiers and are used to incorporate very … Read moreNatural Solubilizers: A Review

How to Formulate Like a Pro

How to formulate like a pro! Jane is responsible for teaching skincare and haircare formulation at a UK University’s Cosmetic Science Degree.  Below are Jane’s top tips and tricks to take your formulation knowledge to the next level:- 1. Unfortunately there are very few credible formulas, courses, books and websites which contain scientific, safe and … Read moreHow to Formulate Like a Pro

Cosmetic Packaging Suppliers

Worldwide Cosmetic Packaging Suppliers jars, bottles, boxes If after checking this list you cannot find the packaging you are looking for, after joining our discussion group, ask where to buy it from at the bottom of this post. These suppliers sell ONLY packaging, not ingredients.  So, do check our ingredient supplier list as most of these also sell … Read moreCosmetic Packaging Suppliers

Cosmetic Ingredient Suppliers

Worldwide Cosmetic Ingredient Suppliers including essential oil suppliers & resources If after checking this list you cannot find the ingredient you are looking for, after joining our discussion group, ask where to buy it from at the bottom of this post. USA NB: in Canada sells Natragem (make up)www.thesage.comwww.chemistrystore.comwww.newdirectionsaromatics.com office: 1 704 633 8028, mobile: 1 267 … Read moreCosmetic Ingredient Suppliers

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Contact Due to the volume of spam we have been receiving, please contact us through our Making Skincare Facebook page. You will immediately receive an automated message with our email address. Please be aware as we are now teaching formulation on a Cosmetic Science Degree at a UK University, we are no longer running workshops … Read moreContact

Surfactant Active Matter Calculator

Surfactant Active Matter Calculator Shower gel, shampoo and face cleansers usually contain at least two surfactants to make the formulation milder and more effective.  As surfactants sold by ingredient suppliers are diluted it can be challenging to know exactly how much surfactant is in a formula and whether the level falls within the usual ranges … Read moreSurfactant Active Matter Calculator

Enter the Knowledge Base

Preservation Tackle the preservation minefield – learn tips and tricks on how to pass preservative tests read more Lotions & Creams Tutorial Our cosmetic scientist shows how to make emulsions safely and properly read more Surfactant Active Matter Calculator Surfactants as sold by ingredient suppliers are greatly diluted making it difficult to know exactly how … Read moreEnter the Knowledge Base


PreservativesAll you need to know!Learn how to preserve effectivelyCommon strategies chemists use to pass preservative testsPreservative free?True or false? Why do we need a preservative? A preservative is essential to help prevent microbes (bacteria, mold, and yeast) growing.  Preservatives stop growth by acting on spores when they germinate and killing cells (usually by disrupting cell … Read morePreservatives