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DIY Shower Jelly

This shower jelly is formulated for single use.  You may wish to cut the jelly into small pieces and bring one piece into the shower for use.  This will prevent water entering the remainder of the jelly which could overpower the preservative. FORMULA 45% glycerin 2.5% carrageenan (iota form – see below) — 40.2% deionised/distilled/purified water […]

Your Basic Guide to Gums/Polymers

Imagine you have just made a cream that feels nice, but is not perfect. If only it was a little thicker without being draggy, with a luxurious, cushiony feel. Or maybe you would like to make a water based face serum or gel? The answer is simple: polymers! Many are easy to use, economical and […]

Emulsifiers – what should I buy and how much to add?

With so many unstable recipes available, it’s no wonder many lotions fail to emulsify or stay emulsified. Important: Beeswax and cetyl alcohol are NOT emulsifiers. Emulsifiers vary greatly – some work really well and some are less effective.  Check the supplier’s website for the inci name of the ingredients which make up the emulsifier.    For an emulsifier […]

Having fun making lipstick…

Ever wondered how lipstick was made?? Here’s how I made some gorgeous red lipstick. I used quite a bit of castor oil (great for shine), beeswax, a natural liquid lanolin substitute, cetyl alcohol, vegetable oil, carnauba wax, vitamin E and preservative.  These ingredients are all in the main container and here we are pouring the lovely red […]

Perfume Making Workshop

If you make your own perfume chances are you will already be familiar with Chris Bartlett who owns Pell Wall Perfumes. Chris runs a very helpful blog on how to create your own perfume – materials, equipment etc – http://pellwall-perfumes.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/starting-equipment.html http://pellwall-perfumes.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/starter-kit-for-diy-perfume-making.html We had a ball running the perfume workshop….