Module 1 Introduction & Essential Information
Unit 1 Introduction & Questions
Unit 2 What are the differences between a lotion, cream, moisturiser and body butter?
Unit 3 Measurements
Unit 4 Equipment
Module 2 Ingredients
Unit 1 What do lotions, creams, moisturisers and body butters contain?
Unit 2 Ingredients: Which Phase ?
Unit 3 Ingredient Suppliers
Unit 4 Water Phase Ingredients
Unit 5 Oil Phase Ingredients: Oils & Butters
Unit 6 Oil Phase Ingredients: Other Essential Ingredients
Unit 7 Oil Phase Ingredients: Emulsifiers
Unit 8 Cool Down Phase Ingredients
Unit 9 Preservatives
Module 3 Making the Lotion
Unit 1 The process of making the lotion
Unit 2 FAQs, Tips & Tricks !
Module 4 Recipes
Unit 1 How to Tweak the Recipes
Unit 2 Recipe for Basic Light Body Lotion
Unit 3 Recipe for Basic Body Cream for Dry Skin
Unit 4 Recipe for Light Facial Moisturiser
Unit 5 Recipe for Facial Moisturiser for Dry Skin
Unit 6 Recipe for Anti-ageing Facial Moisturiser: Rich
Unit 7 Recipe for Anti-ageing Facial Moisturiser: Light
Unit 8 Recipe for Light Serum
Unit 9 Recipe for Intense Hand Cream (doubles up a body butter for extremely dry skin)
Unit 10 Recipe for Cleansing Lotion
Module 5 Perfecting your lotion making
Unit 1 Perfecting your lotion making