How to Make a Natural Lip Balm or Lotion Bar

Why not try making a lip balm/lotion bar – this recipe makes both but if you are wanting to make only a lotion bar you could remove the 1% lip balm flavour from the recipe and replace it with a 1% fragrance instead.

What exactly are lotion bars? They are solid, oil and butter based bars made with beeswax, liquid oil, and butter. You melt, fragrance, then pour them into a mould or something like a deodorant container or tin and use them to seal in moisture wherever you need it. I think of them as giant lip balms for your body!

You can convert the % below into grams using

  • 20% beeswax
  • 25% shea butter (or, better still, butterEz sold by Lotioncrafter which prevents grainyness of butters/waxes)
  • 15% cocoa butter
  • 39% oil – rice bran, fractionated coconut, apricot kernel, avocado
  • 1% lip balm flavour (otherwise your lip balm might not taste very nice!)

(If you want to make this a vegan friendly lip balm, you can use 12% candellia wax instead of beeswax (candellia is twice as hard as beeswax) and increase the butter amount).

Weigh everything except the lip balm flavour and put into a container which will be inserted into a saucepan full of boiling water. You can use a pyrex jug, bain marie, double boiler or saucepan insert and this will sit inside a saucepan. If you use a pyrex jug you will need to put an empty tuna can underneath the pyrex jug so it doesn’t sit directly on the saucepan. The whole point is not to subject our ingredients to direct heat, so we use the water to heat the ingredients. So it’s a pot of water into which we put our container – see:

Melt gently until the solids are liquid. Mix. Remove and let cool a bit before adding the lip balm flavour. Mix well. Wait until it cools more then spoon/pour into your container – you can use a lip balm tin for a lip balm and either twist up deodorant containers, ice cube trays, cupcake/bun/muffin baking tray for the lotion bar. If it gets too thick to pour then heat up very slightly.