cupcake soap

I love making cold process soap cupcakes. This tutorial is how I made the cupcakes in the photo above.

First, make the bottom halves of your cupcakes with your normal CP recipe (see my soap making tutorial). (I used silicone cake moulds.) You can make the toppings later that day (preferable). If you make the topping the following day try making a few scratches on the surface of the cupcake with a cocktail stick/fork to provide a rough surface for the tops to adhere to.

I like to use 85% hard oils (a mix of any 2 of these – or all three: palm oil, lard, coconut), 15% soft oils eg olive. Put your recipe through’s lye calculator – choose 29 lye concentration (or water as % of oil: 35), superfat 6%. Note: colours will come out lighter with this method).

1. at least a few hours before make up your lye/water mix, let it cool and then put it in the fridge
2. whip (do not use a stick blender) your room temperature solid butters until they are nice and stiff and there are no lumps
3. add the soft oils slowly and whip until stiff and fluffy
4. very slowly and carefully mix in your chilled lye water, mixing as you go until the peaks stay up
5. add colour and fragrance (colour will turn out lighter than usual).  Choose a fragrance which will not speed trace such as these essential oils: lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, rosemary.

6.  Your mixture is now ready to go into your piping bag (I used a large star decorating nozzle) and you’re ready to go.

7.  Depending on your recipe, the frosting should harden within a few hours or by the next day.  However the soap will still be saponifying  so if you touch it, use gloves for the first week.

Happy piping.


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